Red Nokia Lumia 1020 about to hit Italy too

Nokia Lumia 1020 was announced back in July and already hit the shelves in the USA as an AT&T exclusive. It is expected to become available worldwide this month.

We already saw a red flavor of the Lumia 1020 leaking with AT&T’s logo on it. We thought this version will remain exclusive for the carrier even after the expiration of the exclusivity on the device, but the latest leaks points in a different direction.

It appears the Lumia 1020 in red will be coming to Italy, according to a recently uploaded official firmware of the device. We remembered that Nokia has announced Telefonica will be launching its own exclusive version of the Lumia 1020. We guess this red flavor of the cameraphone might be it.

If true, then we might see the red Lumia 1020 launching viaTelefonica on various markets worldwide, including Italy, Spain, UK (O2), Slovakia , Brazil, Argentina, Chile and other Latin and South America markets.


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