Rockstar details GTA V, shapes up to be the studios biggest game

Rockstar has revealed some details about its upcoming Grand Theft Auto V blockbuster in the latest issue of Gameinformer magazine.

While details aren’t as thorough as some would like, they are enough to get our mouths watered. For starters, there are going to be three main characters in the game for us to play with.

Yes, Rockstar is betting high with GTA V by putting three protagonists. Using a new game mechanic, you’ll be even able to switch between characters while on a mission, for example. As the lengthy, exclusive 18-page article details, in some cases this’ll be of great importance for some missions.

As for the characters themselves, they are also revealed – Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Michael is a former bank buster in his early 40s giving up his retirement to earn an extra buck. Also in his forties is Trevor, a seasoned criminal and ex-military pilot. Lastly, there’s Franklin, who is in his mid-twenties and is the street hustler of the three.

Rockstar says that Los Santos, the imaginary city where the action is based, is the biggest world the studio has created yet. Additionally, there will be more means of transport than ever including a wider variety of cars, bikes (dirt bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes), helicopters, planes, ATVs, trucks and even jet skis.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? For more in-depth information check out the source link below. On November 14, Rockstar is going to release a new trailer for the game, which should unveil even more aspects about it.

Unfortunately, Rockstar hasn’t mentioned anything about a PC version coming up, which makes me a bit sad. Nevertheless, are you excited how Grand Theft Auto V is shaping up?


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